If You Don't Mind It Doesn't Matter

by Kubaterra

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Album was made between December 2015 and June 2016


released June 23, 2016

Recorded in Kraków, Poland by:
Kuba Dobrowolski
Jan Rey
Sebastian Kaszyca
Wojtek Gasiorowski

Mixed in Kraków, Poland and Tenerife Island by:
Kuba Dobrowolski
Jan Rey

Mastered in New York, USA by:
Alexander Loew

Big thanks to everyone who helped during the whole process!



all rights reserved


Kubaterra New York, New York

Genre: mind-bending pop

contact: kubaterra@gmail.com
Dorota Kosela
+ 48 512 172 789 (PL)
+354 785 7015 (IS)

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Track Name: Floodgate
- - -
Track Name: The House is Sold
The House Is Sold

Sometimes I have to face the wild demon
Which forces me to lose my harmony
Echolocation, clarification
Then you're alone and nobody else says:

“Wow, what just happened
That could be heaven
I see the forest grows from the lake”

If you don't feel this you better don't go there
Stay on the shore of the unknown water
Until you feel sure you may jump to the hole
Where everyone is the same one but pure.

One morning when I looked in the mirror
I saw reflection of a boy who's standing there
This isolation, this separation
It just confuses me cause there is no turn back

I'm on the edge, I'm on the edge baby
I'm on the edge, I don't lie
Oh me
Oh my mind
Track Name: Finding Out
- - -
Track Name: Pale Color
Pale Color

When you’re falling down, being
Out of range of your own mind
Can’t get up from (the) background
Falling deeper down the line
What’s your plan for now now
Don’t you wanna come with me

Infinite sensation
All is gloomy that you feel
No illumination
What is not and what is real
You just spin in circles but
There is cold and there is dark
I just want a day light

So, is it a world you believe in today
Or there’s some kind of force that holds you tight and brings you down
What worries you the most, let it go, what for are you waiting
Just remember dear that you’re not here to impress them,
But you.
Track Name: Last Second of a Day
Last Second of a Day

Hold on now, but don’t worry till our way back
Just fade away and there is nothing more you need
Even if you’re lost
Not ready for unusual
You will love today.

I see clearly
What is right and what is wrong
All is so close and understandable for me
Even if I’m lost
Not ready for unusual
I will love today.

Can you see it?

We are low but we are free.
Track Name: Comes and Goes
Comes And Goes

Innocent, being innocent just once again
To understand, understand it all
Harmony, harmony it comes and goes
Where have you gone today?

If you feel lost, dance.

Who are you now, you’re asking every day and every night

If you wait, if you wait than you won’t fly

If you go, if you go within your heart at last

When you try and you feel that it should be always right this way

Imagine a long infinite trail

It is everywhere, if you mind

Even if it’s not always right, always fine

Than don’t let your mind decide

Go or just fly…
Track Name: Buenos Días
Buenos Días

We shall stop to ask for freedom
You may doubt but I never will
Oh day, another day
Grab your stuff and fly away to say
Buenos días to the sea

Oh, you are not alone
If you mind, the day is yours
Oh, tomorrow’s today
Just believe in steps you take

We all live the same moment
In the time of running life, between the points
Each day another task
We are low but we’re not last
It depends on you from now on
Track Name: Inside Out
Inside Out

Stay, even just for tonight
Don’t let the morning come
Wait, let’s reverse the light
The time can wait a while

Listen to what is inside
Like it’s been here before
And it will never disappear
Just take and wear your
inside out